Iginiyagala Hospital Project

Iginiyagala hospital situated in Monaragala district, but 12km near from Ampara town and 75km far from Monaragala district general hospital. Nearly 25-30km of surrounding area is served by this hospital. People normally don’t used this hospital because they think they don’t have enough facilities for give good treatment. Thing about the facilities of our hospital is ambulance, dental chair, wheel chairs (nearly four or five) and etc. Think about the work condition of dental chair and wheel chairs that is very bad. Also there is no operation theatre in this hospitals.

Three doctors are working in that hospital (including dental specialist). There is no experience doctors in this hospital. There are four wards in Iginiyagala hospital also 16-18 beds in each ward. There is separate ward for man, women and child care. Four quarters situated in hospital boundary for doctors, such as DMO, Dental and IMO. One of that quarter not in used. There is separate six quarters for attendant, security and other workers. Normally in weekdays few people comes this hospital because they used pharmacy and go to private clinic/ hospitals. Also more peoples used this hospitals in weekend. Think about the availability service of our hospital is water supply, phone signals and electricity. They are in good conditions. There is a separate place for canteen but they don’t used that place as canteen but they get good and healthy foods from outside.

First we visited our project site on 25th on February 2017. We collect details from hospital staffs, doctors and peoples. Also know about the issues related to administration and finance when doing our project. Also we thinks about the solution for selected issue during our site visit. All information are collected during our site visit.

Basic scope of our project is improve the physical conditions of Iginiyagala hospital in order to do the electrical layout of hospitals and do some repairs for doors and windows also the dental chair. We are planned to do some things. The first thing will doing a shyramadana campaign inside and outside of hospital. Next step of our project, we will convey information about the importance of hospital, available resources (doctors, beds, wheel chairs, etc.), wastage disposal system and other things to peoples. And increase the usage of hospital.

We planned to collect money from many ways. Such as car washing, print T-shirts and sell it, collects funds from batch mates, seniors and juniors also get some sponsor ships from our relatives/ friends.

By Tharsan P on behalf of project team

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