School Library Project – Wavinna

ACMORAIn this project we select a school in Wavinna in Ampara. In this school we decide to develop a library in this school. For this project we plan to develop the library which is in the school. The library has no facilities and it has a library building with no facilities. The library has only 1000 or something books, which are only Sinhala language books. There is no English books to develop the knowledge of the students.

In this project we have to stay there in two days to analyse the problems of the students and the school. We went there on 26th and 27th February to know about the problems. First day we went to school and saw the school atmosphere and surroundings.  And study the school building and the resources of the building. In that school there is a library and computer lab, but there is no facilities and teachers who teach it for the students in that school.  After that we talked some important persons in that school to know the situation of the school and the students. In this time we recognize that there is many problems they faced mainly building for the students. And we analyse that the school computer lab is not use for the student’s studies, because of there is no teachers. The main problem is the books in the library because there is a number of books.

A school library play a major role in every one’s life during the school time to know different things and improve the general knowledge. But in this school there is less studying material in the library and there is no proper environment to study or read books. So, we planned to change the atmosphere to a good condition. In this case we planned to do firstly that put the books in a cupboard in a beautiful manner to attract the students. After that we planned to donate English books with the basis to involve the students to improve their knowledge.

After that we talked the people whose students study in the Bamini School and we tried to know the problems which they faced during the studies and personally. In the surrounding there is a library which is near to the school we went there and talked with the librarian about the students who came to library to read the books they told that there are a few number of students come to the library to read the books, we interviewed another man who studied in the Bamini school in the past and whose children were studied there. He also said the same which others said.

Next day we went to school to spend the time to the students. The time period is a memorable time in everyone’s life who participate that project. In this time we divided groups wise and spent our time with the students as a facilitator for the students. In this time the students were desire to speak with us but I faced a problem that the language to communicate with them. But I managed with them and spoke with them about their studies and other activities.  In this case some students told me their favorite subject is English, but there is no English books in the library, this is one of the problem we analysed during that time.

Some of students asked us to come regularly to the school and spend time with them, and most of the people asked us how to enter the university. I think this project help them to improve the studies of them and other activities.

In this project we made some suggestion that we collect funds and donate a cupboard to the library, donate some English books to them, repair the chairs and tables in the library and make the library in an aesthetic manner to attract the students to read the books in the library.  If we have more funds we plan to replace the furniture in the library.

The community of the school help us to do the project and motivate us. In this project we went to the school on school time. During that time they help us to do our work this is most helpful for us to complete our project and the students they involve with us to do our work simply and effectively.

by Rajenthiran Mohanaraj on behalf of project team

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