Happy Hearts Deep Minds

Happy hearts deep minds project done by our immediate seniors in last year. ‘Improve the English knowledge and reading ability of primary grade students by establishing a new library or the school’ was the main object of that project. Mampe Primary School in Piliyandala was the school were selected by them. They were planned to find major books written in English to donate to the library. Also they had more objectives than establishing a new library. Those are as follows;

  1. Enhance their knowledge on core subjects
    To achieve main objective, they were planned to donate several books relating to children’s school syllabus.
  2. Improve soft skills
    They introduced new games to children to build up their self-confidence and achieve their targets successfully.
  3. Uphold their mental status
    To achieve this object, they were given new suitable cartoon session to the children.
  4. Refine their recreational habits
    They were conducted new types of games on children’s day and gave small gifts to the children.
  5. Attracting batch mates in order to form a campaign and making them aware of community services.

They were formed a Facebook page under their project name to presented their activities and attracted people to the project.

They donated cupboard with books and they collected books from university as well as in the book fair. They introduced several types of games to the grade five students to spend leisure time effectively. Also they had faced to the several types of risk when still start time of the project. Finance, performance, get publicity, sustainability was the some of them.
We also planned to do a project like this project specially improving English knowledge and stablish a proper library with attractive interior designs at the Wavinna school in Ampara.

By Salgadu M.D.R.S.

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