Let’s Make Them Smile Continues

The social activity plan “Let’s Make Them Smile” was finished by our senior brothers and sisters a year ago as Active Citizens to be proceeded by our self as Active Citizens this year. Their goal was conveying satisfaction to a gathering of elders who are isolated from their children and families. Our social activity plan is distinctive. However, when we consider the prime objective behind that Project, it is fairly like our project. That is offering something to individuals, they anticipate to get. Along these lines, this year our group is wanting to develop CBO people group focus at Polwatta, Ampara to build up the surrounding society as a social action plan.

The Project called as “Let’s Make Them Smile” was conducted in three separate ways

  1. Bana Program
  2. Shramadhana Campaign
  3. Entertaining activities with elders

We are provided these activities for Elders, those activities are developed physical and mental strength of Elders and give peace condition to Elders to remain at home without any mental issues.

So, CBO community center project have three major scope and objectives to achieve, those are Provide self-employment facilities to the women those who didn’t have any works till now, to improve Technology and computer skills of the children in polwatta area and To make Unity between Community members and surrounding people.

To accomplish those, we are wanting to build up a common hall for women self-employment workshop and community gatherings, PC lab with ten computers for enhance the technical skills of the kids and shrine room of Lord Buddha for improve the unity through some religious exercises.

As before say “Let’s Make Them Smile” project had faced money related issues and issues with time. These are the similar issues we also have. Financial issue is the real one for us. As a group, they overcome these difficulties and achieved their objectives. This year as well, as a team we are prepared to face these sorts of barriers with the help of our lecturer’s guide and support, supports and other active citizens and friends support. And succeed in this project and build up the CBO community center focus as we plan and we will make polwatta people happy.

By Kobiharan JNJ on behalf of project team

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