Green Sharks

Green Sharks Active Citizens

Polythene and plastics have been accountable for uncontrollable hazards occurred in the present world. Scientists have revealed that polythene has lifetime of over hundred years, it reveals that this hazards are contaminating unborn generations due our present actions. The main irritating issue we confront today is global warming, one reason due to the excessive usage of the polythene and plastic matters. These products have affected the whole biodiversity; when it is buried in soil which takes long duration to digest and mainly it work as a barrier against natural water springs. Mainly in international content plastic is final dump to ocean, which has threatened the sea creatures and indirectly countries who owns an ocean, hence contaminants are transferred though food chain. According to McClimon “over eight million tons of plastic ends up in oceans in every year.”

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Time to get real

Get RealACMORA, The Active Citizens Programme at University of Moratuwa by now has trained hundreds of students through its training course module (Responsible Citizenship / Facilitation) delivered in three faculties. Many of them have become real Active Citizens by implementing social projects that brought positive changes to many lives. This invitation is for all who are yet to bring in real life projects. We are open to your ideas. Talk to your facilitator.

Happy Hearts Deep Minds

Happy hearts deep minds project done by our immediate seniors in last year. ‘Improve the English knowledge and reading ability of primary grade students by establishing a new library or the school’ was the main object of that project. Mampe Primary School in Piliyandala was the school were selected by them. They were planned to find major books written in English to donate to the library. Also they had more objectives than establishing a new library. Those are as follows; Continue reading “Happy Hearts Deep Minds”

Iginiyagala Hospital Project

Iginiyagala hospital situated in Monaragala district, but 12km near from Ampara town and 75km far from Monaragala district general hospital. Nearly 25-30km of surrounding area is served by this hospital. People normally don’t used this hospital because they think they don’t have enough facilities for give good treatment. Thing about the facilities of our hospital is ambulance, dental chair, wheel chairs (nearly four or five) and etc. Think about the work condition of dental chair and wheel chairs that is very bad. Also there is no operation theatre in this hospitals. Continue reading “Iginiyagala Hospital Project”

School Library Project – Wavinna

ACMORAIn this project we select a school in Wavinna in Ampara. In this school we decide to develop a library in this school. For this project we plan to develop the library which is in the school. The library has no facilities and it has a library building with no facilities. The library has only 1000 or something books, which are only Sinhala language books. There is no English books to develop the knowledge of the students. Continue reading “School Library Project – Wavinna”

Let’s Make Them Smile Continues

The social activity plan “Let’s Make Them Smile” was finished by our senior brothers and sisters a year ago as Active Citizens to be proceeded by our self as Active Citizens this year. Their goal was conveying satisfaction to a gathering of elders who are isolated from their children and families. Our social activity plan is distinctive. However, when we consider the prime objective behind that Project, it is fairly like our project. That is offering something to individuals, they anticipate to get. Along these lines, this year our group is wanting to develop CBO people group focus at Polwatta, Ampara to build up the surrounding society as a social action plan. Continue reading “Let’s Make Them Smile Continues”

Hello world!

acmora web
ACMORA website launched.

The new website of the Active Citizen Programme of University of Moratuwa was launched today with a catchy brand name ACMORA.ORG.

The new website will include details on the programme at the university, Social Action Projects implemented by Moratuwa Active Citizens community, and regular news and updates of ACMORA activities.

Outdbound Workshop for IT students

WorkshopFaculty of Information Technology conducted an outbound workshop for its students on 18th October 2016. Thanuja Sandanayake, AC Facilitator of faculty of IT, arranged this workshop with support from the British Council Sri Lanka. AC Facilitators Anoka Abeyrathne, Chaminda Jayasekara, Jeyaraajh Priyankhaa, Thilina Jothi and Thushara Gunasekara joined Thanuja in conducting this workshop. Continue reading “Outdbound Workshop for IT students”

First Outbound Workshop

Come Join UsThe first outbound workshop for the Active Citizen module “Facilitation” was held on Monday the 24th August at the Sarvodaya Institute of Higher Learning, Bandaragama. 47 students and four staff members (facilitators) joined four facilitators – Achini, Anoka, Isuru and Joanne for the sessions. Thushara from British Council Sri Lanka organized and coordinated the event. The workshop was sponsored by the British Council. Continue reading “First Outbound Workshop”

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